Debit Cards

For those who want a fast, convenient and safe way to pay with the purchasing power of VISA®

At Heritage Oaks Bank, we know our customers are always on the move. That’s why we are offering a debit card with the purchasing power of VISA® , plus loads of extras. Extra coverage, extra convenience, and extra choices!

Banking on Our Kids (B.O.O.K.) Debit Card Program

Enjoy all the great features of a VISA® debit card AND support local schools. Learn more about the B.O.O.K. progam and check out the beautiful card designs available.   Banking on Our Kids Program

VISA® Debit Card Features:

  • Looks like a credit card but works like a check. Don’t worry about interest rates and finance charges. Purchases made are deducted directly from your checking account and detailed on your monthly checking account statement
  • Serves as your ATM card for easy access to your checking and savings accounts.Withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds or access your current balance 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • No fee1 for use of your debit card


  • Use your card at over 19 million locations or wherever you see the VISA® symbol
  • Get cash at the store or at over 250,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Safer than carrying cash and more convenient than checks
  • Pay no interest since purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account
  • 1 No bank fee. Other processing fees by merchant may apply.
  • 2 Online Bill Pay will be discontinued after three months of inactivity.