Banking On Our Kids (B.O.O.K) Program

B.O.O.K ProgramSupport local schools by simply using our all-new VISA® debit card for everyday purchases

Join the Banking On Our Kids (B.O.O.k) program and support your local schools. It's easy: each time you use your special B.O.O.K Visa® debit card and sign your name, we will donate $0.05 to the County Office of Education where you live.

About the B.O.O.K Program:

  • The B.O.O.K card is a special VISA® debit card that looks like a credit card but works like debit. Never a finance charge.
  • Donations accrue automatically every time you sign for a purchase (instead of using a PIN), also known as "signature-based transactions."
  • Every signed transaction triggers a $0.05 contribution to the County Office of Education where you live.1
  • Registration for the program is only $5.00-and half of the is contributed back toyour local County Office of Education.2
  • 5 unique card designs showcase the Central Coast's most scenic locations.

What is a "signature-based transaction?"

A signature-based transaction occurs when you choose to sign for your purchase instead of entering your personal identification number (PIN). An easy way to ensure you sign for your purchase is to choose "credit" instead of "debit" at the time of the transaction. Even if you choose "credit" you will not pay finance charges. Funds are immediately deducted from your checking account. 

BOOK Debit Card Design Options:

BOOK Debit Card Program
  • 1 The Bank will distribute accumulated donations to the County Office of Education within 30 days following the end of each calendar quarter. The cardholder's on-file zip code will determine which county receives the funds B.O.O.K VISA® debit card is available for consumers accounts only.
  • 2 B.O.O.K registration with the opaque card selection is $7, with $2.50 contributed to the County Office of Education.