We're Back in Morro Bay

Morro BayWelcome to our new clients!

We are excited to return to Morro Bay to serve our newest clients as well as those that have been loyal Heritage Oaks Bank customers.  Please use the information below to answer any questions you may have about the recent account conversion or simply call us at 771.1950.

Information About the Acquisition and Conversion

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 General Acquisition FAQ

 General Conversion FAQ

 Information about your checks

 Information about automatic deposits and payments

 Information about your debit or ATM card

 Information about ATMs

 Information about Online Banking and Bill Pay

 Information about Telephone Banking

General Acquisition Information

Q: What is happening with the Morro Bay branch?

A: Heritage Oaks Bank has purchased from Coast National Bank the deposits, real estate, and miscellaneous physical assets (office furniture, fixtures, etc.) related to Coast National’s branch at 898 Morro Bay Boulevard.

Q: When did this happen?

A: The Morro Bay office officially joined the Heritage Oaks Bank family at the close of business on Friday, December 28, 2012 and opened as Heritage Oaks Bank on Monday morning, December 31st.

Q: What happened with my favorite employees at the Coast National Bank branch?

A: Coast National Bank and Heritage Oaks Bank know that our employees are central to our relationships with you. We’re excited to let you know that both Theresa Richmond and Melissa Kelly, the familiar faces you already know, are now members of the Heritage Oaks Bank family. Jennifer Bromby is the branch manager in Morro Bay. Jennifer was previously our branch manager in Morro Bay, and she brings a wealth of local expertise and familiarity with the customers there.

Q: What other Heritage Oaks Bank branches can I use for my banking services now that I will not be able to use Coast National Bank?

A: As of December 31st, you may use any of Heritage Oaks Bank’s 11 Central Coast branch locations. You will not be able to use Coast National Bank’s branches after December 28th. The closest Heritage Oaks Bank branches in proximity to Morro Bay are our branch in Cambria and two branches in San Luis Obispo. Click here for a complete list of Heritage Oaks Bank locations.

Q: Heritage Oaks Bank closed a Morro Bay branch earlier this year. Why are you opening another branch there?

A: There are numerous factors that we consider when we open and close offices. Essentially, the former branch was too small and we found it difficult to grow or to provide the level of customer service you expect from that location. We searched the area for a new location at that time, but nothing was available. The new branch is in the heart of the central business district in a prominent location that’s appealing to local businesses and residents and we are glad we were able to find a satisfactory location so we can once again serve the Morro Bay community.

General Conversion Information

Q: When will you convert my banking relationship to Heritage Oaks Bank?

A: On January 24, 2013, Coast National Bank’s Morro Bay branch customers’ accounts were converted to the Heritage Oaks Bank system. A “Welcome” packet with detailed information on the conversion of your relationship was mailed to you on Friday, December 21st. On January 15th we mailed additional information about your checks, automatic deposits & payments, debit card, ATM access, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and Telephone Banking.

The changes that occurred are explained in the packets you received as well as on this page. If you have any questions about the conversion, please contact us at 771-1950 or our Customer Service line at 805-369-5200, option 4.

Q: What will happen with my account numbers?

A: Your account number(s) will not change even though the name(s) and type(s) of account you have may be different.

Information About Your Checks

We will honor checks written from your Coast National Bank accounts for the first 30 days after the January 24th system conversion. However, we mailed you a complimentary order of deposit slips and 150 Heritage Oaks Bank basic duplicate style checks to you before January 24th, so you can begin using them immediately. You should destroy your old Coast National Bank checks and deposit slips. Please securely destroy these items by shredding them or you can bring them into the branch and we will destroy them for you.

New Checks & Deposit Slips

When you need to re-order your checks, or if you prefer a new check style rather than the one complimentary order we provided, you can order checks and deposit slips by:

  • Ordering Online, click here
  • Using the check order form you will receive with the order we send you
  • Contacting the branch in person or by calling at 771.1950 for assistance

Bank Routing Number Change

While your account number will not change, the bank routing number for Heritage Oaks Bank is different than that of Coast National Bank. Our bank routing number is 122239982. If you order checks, deposit slips or endorsement stamps through the bank, they will automatically include the new routing number. If you do not order your checks and/or deposit slips or endorsement stamps through the bank, you will need to contact us for additional information by visiting the branch in person or by calling 771.1950.

Information About Automatic Deposits and Payments

If you have automatic deposits (i.e., Social Security Administration or direct deposit of payroll) or automatic withdrawals (i.e., mortgage payments or athletic club dues), you will need to notify these companies of the bank routing number change. YouDirect Deposit Change Form can use the buttons to the right to access and complete the Direct Deposit Change Form and Automatic Payment Change Form to send to your originators. Coast National Bank and Heritage Oaks Bank are partnering to provide a smooth transition and we will reroute these transactions for a period of 90 days after the January 24th conversion. During those 90 days, we will work with you and the originator (sender) of the transactions to ensure future transactions contain your new Heritage Oaks Bank routing number (122239982).

Information About Your Debit or ATM Card

During the week of January 21st, you should have received your new Heritage Oaks Bank Debit or ATM card in the mail.

You can activate your card by calling the telephone number on the card and selecting a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once you activate your card, you can begin using it immediately. Remember, you MUST activate your card and choose your PIN before any transaction can be performed using your card.

If you did not receive your new debit/ATM card, please contact the branch at 771.1950.

Activating Your Card and Selecting Your PIN

Heritage Oaks Bank is happy to offer Telephone Activation and PIN selection for your ATM and Debit Cards. Before proceeding with the activation and/or PIN selection on your card, be sure that you are calling from a telephone number that we have in our system.

How does Activation Work?

  • Your card will arrive with an activation label on the face of the card, which will include the Telephone Activation number 1-866-633-5293 (for domestic callers) and for cardholders out of the USA 770-248-5774.
  • You must call from a number that is on your card record within our system. We recommend that you call from your primary home phone number.
  • Once on the call, you will be required to enter the last 4 digits of the card number, the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number or Tax ID associated with the account and the expiration date on the card.
  • As a first time cardholder with us, you will be prompted to select a PIN of your choice.

Information About ATMs

If you have activated your new Heritage Oaks Bank Debit or ATM card, you will be able to perform all transactions available to you at our ATMs including withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries, account transfers, and Heritage Oaks Bank loan payments. Click here to see all Heritage Oaks Bank branch and ATM locations. Below are the ATM locations nearest the branch.

  • Morro Bay ATM - near the corner of Morro Bay Boulevard and Monterey Avenue (407 Morro Bay Boulevard)
  • San Luis Obispo Downtown Branch - 1135 Santa Rosa Road
  • San Luis Obispo Irish Hills Branch - 1501 Froom Ranch Way
  • Cambria Branch - 1276 Tamson Drive
  • Atascadero Branch - 9900 El Camino Real

Morro Bay ATMs

Currently the Morro Bay branch ATM is out of service for some construction work to make it compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ATM is tentatively scheduled to be back in operation on January 29th. We will post signage at the ATM and in the branch when it is once again available. During this time, the night depository at the branch will be available during non-branch hours to accept your envelope deposits and night drop bag deposits. You can also use our Morro Bay offsite ATM located at 407 Morro Bay Boulevard. All of our ATMs are full-service and accept deposits as well as dispense cash.

Information About Online Banking and Bill Pay

You may now set up your new Heritage Oaks Bank online banking and online bill pay services. Even if you had online banking and online bill pay with Coast National Bank, you will need to enroll in online banking and online bill pay with Heritage Oaks Bank.

If you would like to learn more about our online banking and bill pay services before you enroll, click here to see demonstrations of our services and to learn more about the transactions available to you.

Personal & Small Business Online Banking Customers

You can sign up for online banking right here on our website. To assist you in preparing to sign up for personal online banking, you will be asked to complete a brief enrollment process. To enroll, in addition to your name and address and contact information, please have the following information ready:

  • Please create your own desired Login ID which must be between 4 and 12 characters long
  • Social Security Number 
  • Birth Place City
  • Mother’s Maiden Name 
  • Email Address 
  • Account Numbers you wish to access through online banking
    Please note: All accounts you want to access through online banking must have the same ownership information you use for signing up for the service.

 Get Started! Click here for new user online banking enrollment.

If you use Quicken or Quickbooks, be sure to download your transactions before conversion. Click here for our Web Connect and Express Web Connect instructions for Quicken and Quickbooks,

Commercial Cash Management for Online Banking

If your business requires additional online banking features like online wire transfers, Positive Pay and ACH Origination, you must complete our Commercial Cash Management enrollment form to take advantage of these cash management services. Click here to download the enrollment form and return to any office of Heritage Oaks Bank.

Signing Up for Personal Online Bill Pay

 If you wish to use our online bill pay service, you must first enroll in online banking. Then you will be able to enroll in online bill pay. If you had online bill pay with Coast National Bank, the information will not be transferred to Heritage Oaks Bank. You will need to reenter your payee information to set up your Heritage Oaks Bank bill pay service so please have that information available when you are ready to enroll.

Mobile BankingMobile Banking

Heritage Oaks Bank also offers free mobile banking for your added convenience. You do need to be an online banking customer to use mobile banking. Mobile banking allows you to access your online banking profile to view your account information and process transactions including funds transfers via your mobile device. Heritage Oaks Bank currently offers 2 options for you to access your mobile online banking profile via your mobile device: Browser Based Mobile Banking or the iPhone / Android app. If you are interested in signing up for our mobile banking service, you can do so through our online banking service or contact our online banking department for assistance.

Please call or visit the Morro Bay office with any questions about your account conversion.

Morro Bay Branch: 771-1950

Heritage Oaks Bank Customer Service: 805-369-5200, option 4