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The Good Samaritan StorySylvia Barnard

Sylvia Barnard, Executive Director, Good Samaritan Shelter, Santa Maria

I started working at Good Smaritan Shelter almost 16 years ago, and love what I do. I started as the Grant Writer then began working as the Executive Director about ten years ago. Good Samaritan initially started as a rotating shelter, from church to church, then 23 years ago, the first 28-bed shelter was built to meet the needs of the homeless in our community. Now we are the largest homeless shelter provider in Santa Maria.

My personal goals include making a difference in our community and ensuring that those in need have a safe place to be. I am a true believer in second chances, especially for homeless families. It is important for us to invest our time and efforts into making a difference for homeless children, so that they may have bright futures and stability in their lives.

My role model is Charlene Chase, the former Director of Social Services for Santa Barbara County. When I first met her, I was impressed with how efficiently she could run a meeting. She is the one who taught me to just get it done.

I like to play as hard as I work, spending time with my family, traveling and scrapbooking.

Good Samaritan Shelter has been with Heritage Oaks Bank since 1988 because of the great customer service and their understanding of the community and commitment to making the Central Coast a great place to live.