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The Meathead Movers StoryThe Meathead Movers Story

Aaron and Evan Steed, Owners

We started Meathead Movers in 1997 when we were 17 and 15. With a pager, strong backs, a willingness to please, and a large group of friends, we began moving furniture after school and on weekends, whenever we didn't have sports practice. We asked our customers to pay what they thought the work was worth. This started out as usually $20 each and a pizza, but as we did more and more moves, we realized that as our hustle, customer service and carefulness increased, so did our customer satisfaction.

Our goals are to live long, happy, healthy lives and continue to provide opportunities for driven student athletes looking to achieve on their own. For us, work is personal. We deeply care about providing the best for clients, employees, community and partners.

In addition to spending time with friends and enjoying the beauty of the Central Coast, we are passionate about our community involvement with non-profit Meathead Wrestling Club and serving on the boards of Cuesta Foundation and Domestic Violence Solutions in Santa Barbara.

We work with Heritage Oaks Bank because in the recent difficult lending conditions, they were able to finance a major project when no one else would. They believed in us, and now our storage facility has shattered industry fill-rate records and expectations.