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The IQMS StoryRandy & Nancy Flamm

Randy and Nancy Flamm, Owners of IQMS in Paso Robles

We started this business by first identifying an important need for manufacturing software using the latest developments in micro computing. We quit our jobs, mortgaged the house and started out in our living room back in 1989.

Some people may have considered this too risky, but for us, we were determined and inspired by the rich legacy Randy's grandfather left us.

As a teen, his grandfather was an important role model for him. During the Great Depression, he worked in a shoe factory and spent his off-hours educating himself until he was finally able to open his own shoe store. He instilled confidence in Randy and the sense that "he could do anything he set his mind to." He also taught him about hard-work, on-going learning and the importance of having a "can do" attitude.

Our goal is to continue to grow this business and actively support the local community and our employees.

We like banking with Heritage Oaks Bank because of their personal service and the good relationships we've established with their staff and management team.