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The Charter Brokerage & Investment StoryDee Lacey

Mark and Burt Fugate, Owners

Charter Brokerage & Investment Co. was established in 1972 as an extension of Burt's professional real estate appraisal company. Charter provided professional brokerage, consulting, construction, leasing and investment advice for the partners and a close group of friends and associates.

Over the years, we expanded the portfolio of investments to include ownership and management of El Potreros Business Park in Santa Maria. We selected commercial real estate in California and Arizona as well as agricultural properties in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Our goal is to continue the development and leasing of targeted commercial properties as well as the expansion of fruit and nut production in the San Joaquin Valley farms and orchards.

Our banking relationships are very important in our business. We bank with Heritage Oaks Bank because they provide a full range of important services tailored to our varied needs. The nearby bank branches meet the need for our daily transactions and loan servicing. The loan officers are always available to provide advice and attention to our accounts.

The financial and economic landscape in California is in constant motion. Heritage Oaks Bank has always been adept and capable of performing in the ever-changing business conditions of the Central Coast.