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The Door Stop StoryKenneth Dukes, David Van Valkenburgh, Jeremy Rich

Kenneth Dukes, Owner; David Van Valkenburgh, Senior Project Manager; and Jeremy Rich, Controller

We started in this business in 1994, when Ken bought the Door Stop and began expanding by converting the company from residential-oriented products to a commercial product line. The company focused on the area from Thousand Oaks to Paso Robles. Along the way, we added equipment and manpower in order to expand.

Now we are the largest local door, frame and hardware supplier in the area. In addition, our custom wood shop has the ability to build stile and rail doors, windows, frames and millwork.

Our goals are to continue to grow the company and to keep employing good people. We understand the importance of a good banking relationship. After banking in Los Angeles, we began looking for a local bank. Clarence Cabreros at Heritage Oaks Bank was the only banker who made the effort to get to know us by coming to visit and seeing our operation.

As a community bank, Heritage Oaks Bank offers the same services as the "big guys." It is comforting to know that if we ever need anything, we can either call and immediately get someone to help, or we can drive down the street and pay a visit. We look forward to a rewarding partnership with Heritage Oaks Bank for years to come.