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The Dee Lacey StoryDee Lacey

Dee Lacey, Cattle Rancher, Community Partner, and Board Member of Heritage Oaks Bank

My husband's family started cattle ranching nearly 150 years ago in Independence, California, located in the shadow of Mt. Whitney. In 1962, John took over the business and we were married the following year.

Now we ranch in four counties and raise cattle for Harris Ranch Fed Beef. We also raise and sell quality ranch horses. We have never wanted to do anything except be cattle ranchers - we are lucky that our son wanted to continue in the family business after he graduated from Cal Poly. He is our partner, along with his sister. He, his wife and daughters run the ranches on the Eastern side of the Sierra.

My personal goals are to be the best wife, mother and grandmother I can be. My children and grandchildren are my legacy. Setting an example of being there for them and my friends is the best way to live a good life.

I have many role models, but my heroes growing up were women. I really admired Eleanor Roosevelt and Golda Meir. As an adult, I admire Dolly Bader, Mary Schwartz and Marge Ernst, three Paso Robles treasures - and my friend, the late Missie Hobson.

I spent ten years traveling and representing the California Beef Industry. Once that ended, I was happy to settle into giving back to my community. I serve on the board of the San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation, the Cuesta College Foundation, representing agriculture on the Agriculture Liaison Advisory Board to the Board of Supervisors, the California Mid-State Fair and Heritage Oaks Bank.

I believe Heritage Oaks Bank is the best community bank in the county. I love the people who work at Heritage Oaks Bank and their commitment to supporting businesses in our county.