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The Boo Boo Records StoryThe Boo Boo Records Story

Mike White, Owner of Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, California

My time at Boo Boo Records began in 1978 when the original owners, Ed Taylor and Glenn Forbes, decided to move the business out of Railroad Square, where it opened in 1974, and into the store's present location on Monterey Street.

I had been a Boo Boo customer for several years while attending Cal Poly and, after being asked to join the family, I worked as a clerk, and quickly realized I had found something I loved to do.

As time went on and graduation passed, I was given the opportunity to buy into the business. In June 2010, after enjoying a great partnership for 24 years, I assumed sole ownership of Boo Boo Records.

My time away from the store is spent with family and friends as my wife and I enjoy raising our two boys. Besides rooting them on during their various sporting events, I also look forward to getting out on my bike with friends.

Any list of personal goals would have to begin with keeping my family and business happy and healthy.

I bank with Heritage Oaks Bank because we share a passion for community that extends beyond our work. Also, as it pertains to our changing business and with our industry at a crossroads, that each of us will make the right choices to ensure continued success.