Heritage Oaks Bank to Kick-Off 'Expect Success' Advertising Campaign - 01/15/10

For Immediate Release
8:00A.M. PT, January 15, 2010
Mitch Massey, SVP

(Paso Robles, CA) - On January 18, 2010, Heritage Oaks Bank will debut its new advertising campaign called “Expect Success.” This campaign theme is built around local community members and the success they have had in establishing their professional and personal roots in our community.

“I have always felt that the best way to tell our company’s story is to have those who have grown their businesses, with our bank’s involvement, share their success story.” Consumers naturally trust their peer’s opinion in advertising so we want to have this trust in all our messages,” says Mitch Massey, Senior Vice President Marketing, Heritage Oaks Bank. “This new advertising campaign is testimonial driven. We are doing it through print and TV advertising, while focusing in on the client’s successes in the community both personally and professionally. We want the consumer connection to be first to the client and then to the association with our bank. Think of it this way. When you say the name, Michael Jordan, one usually thinks of his great successes as a basketball player, but then you associate him with a team like the Chicago Bulls. Our selected clients for this campaign highlight the way and then the consumer must associate them to a banking team, Heritage Oaks Bank,” adds Massey.

Heritage Oaks Bank will be highlighting Michael Morris, Partner in the law firm Andre, Morris & Buttery; Noreen Martin, Owner A&R Furniture; Gary Eberle, Eberle Winery; Ivan Huff, Cross country coach Paso Robles High school; Brian Talley, Talley Vineyards; Mark Teixeira, Teixeira Farms; Randy Wise, Owner Straw Hat Pizza in Santa Maria; Alex Simas, Partner in the law firm Kirk & Simas; Barb and Kevin Kennedy of Kennedy Club Fitness; and Kirk Morgan, Santa Maria Speedway.

The bank does all its advertising in-house. For the TV production part of the campaign, the bank hired Aspect Media in San Luis Obispo who has produced three TV campaigns in the past for the bank.

“I'm very happy to be working with Mitch Massey and Heritage Oaks Bank to help them achieve their marketing goals,” says David Thayer, President, Aspect Media. “Our focus is to portray the essence of Heritage Oaks Bank in a way that is memorable, compelling and true to their core values. Noted community members and long-time customers of the bank are the focus of the campaign. It's an exciting challenge to distill their stories and rich histories down to a short, thirty-second television commercial. That's our job, of course,” adds Thayer.

The bank will also be showcasing one-on-one interview testimonials on its website with the individuals previously mentioned.

“Andre, Morris & Buttery has been a part of this community for over 60 years,” says Michael Morris, Partner in the law firm Andre, Morris & Buttery. “Heritage Oaks Bank shares our commitment to the community and its financial needs. We are proud to join other local businesses in recognizing the important role Heritage Oaks Bank plays on the Central Coast,” adds Morris.

“When someone does a great job for you, you want to thank them. For more than ten years, Heritage Oaks Bank has done a great job of meeting our firm's needs,” says Alex Simas, Partner in the law firm Kirk & Simas. “Being a part of the bank’s advertising campaign is our way to say ‘thank you,’" adds Simas.

The TV commercials will begin airing on KCOY and KSBY TV during the 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. shows and also during certain prime time shows. The print ads will appear in the Tribune and Santa Maria Times. The TV spots will be available for viewing on social networking sites.

B-Involved Campaign to Debut on February 1st

On February 1, 2010, the Business First division will be taking this same testimonial direction of client involvement with the new campaign called “B-Involved.” This campaign will be showcased in the Santa Barbara News Press and the Daily Sound.