Top Supporter of Moyland Affordable Housing Fund - 11/05/09

For Immediate Release
8:00A.M. PT, November 5th, 2009
Mitch Massey, SVP

(San Luis Obispo, CA) - On November 2nd, Heritage Oaks Bank presented a check and donation for $ 2,500.00 to the George Moylan Affordable Housing Fund to honor George Moylan’s memory and help continue his important work to provide reasonable housing to members of the San Luis Obispo County.

"Heritage Oak Bank has been supporting the Housing Trust Fund since 2005. We appreciate their ongoing support of the Housing Trust Fund and our George Moylan Affordable Housing Fund. With today’s contribution, HOB is the top/number one supporter of/contributor to the Moylan Fund,” says Jerry Rioux, Executive Director, Housing Trust Fund of San Luis Obispo County.

"Each year we have made it our commitment to support the George Moylan Affordable Housing Fund. When George passed away in 2005 it just meant more of us in the community needed to step up and continue his vision to finance affordable housing in San Luis Obispo County. Heritage Oaks Bank considers it an honor to support this fund and George's memory," says Mitch Massey, Senior Vice President Marketing, Heritage Oaks Bank.

George Moylan was an advocate for affordable housing and a well-respected expert in the field as he committed 18 years to improving the living conditions for the less fortunate members of our community. As a founding director, he played an active role in organizing and establishing the Housing Trust Fund in 2003.

On September 30, 2005, San Luis Obispo suffered a great loss when Mr. Moylan passed away. A memorial fund was established at the Housing Trust Fund to continue raising funds and awareness for the cause. Contributions to the George Moylan Affordable Housing Fund are used exclusively to help finance affordable housing in San Luis Obispo County.

For additional information about the Moylan Housing Trust Fund, please visit their website at