Online Banking Enhancements


We are excited to announce that Online Banking was enhanced with new features and tools on June 20, 2012.


What do I need to know?

  • This is an enhancement to our current Online Banking system only.
  • Login as you normally would.
  • You will NOT need to re-register your computer.
  • Your "bookmark"  for the Online Banking login page will be redirected. We recommend you update the bookmark at your convenience.
  • Quicken/Quickbooks users who utilize WebConnect or One-Step update will need to disable the feature for each account and then re-enable. Click here for instructions.

What are the enhancements?




The new customizable dashboard will be available to all users and will provide a snapshot of your banking activity. By clicking on the dashboard option, you can select any or all of the following to appear:

  • Account Overview
  • Recent eBanking Transactions
  • Pending Transactions
  • Scheduled Authorized Transactions
  • Unread Secure Messages
  • Security Event Log

Add or remove the dashboard elements to customize what's most important to you. Drag and drop the dashboard elements where you want to see them. If you decide to add more than six dashboard elements you can determine how they cycle and even pin them so they always appear where you want them.




Transaction alerts are a great way to stay on top of your account activity. Set-up transaction alerts in the Preferences Menu and choose how you'd like to receive them - text message, e-mail or phone call. We've added these new alerts:

  • Posted Transactions
    • Send an alert when a [debit/credit] =, >, < [amount] posts to [account #]
    • Send an alert when check number [#] clears [account #]
    • Send an alert when a transaction with [description] posts to [account #]
  • Send an alert for NSF (non-sufficient funds)
  • Send an alert when a [transaction type] is [status type] on [account #]

A transaction type is the specific type of transaction initiated through online banking. Examples of transaction types include Funds Transfer, Change of Address, ACH, Wires, etc. The status type is the current status that the specific transaction initiated through online banking is in.  Examples of status types include Authorized, Drafted, Processed Successfully, Processing Failed and Cancelled.



Security Alerts

Security alerts are notifications on your security activity  - like changing your Online Banking password. Security alerts can be sent to you as an email, text message or phone call and are an easy way to help protect your accounts. Set-up security alerts in the Preferences menu. Heritage Oaks Bank will automatically send you an alert when your password is changed, your Login ID is changed, the "forgot password" process is attempted for your Login ID, and when your security alert preferences are changed. You can also choose from any of these other security alerts:

  • Alert me when a computer/browser is successfully registeredSecurity Alerts
  • Alert me when a valid password for my login ID is submitted
  • Alert me when an invalid password for my login ID is submitted
  • Alert me when my login ID is disabled
  • Alert me when my login ID is locked out
  • Alert me when a valid secure access code is submitted
  • Alert me when an invalid secure access code is submitted
  • Alert me when forgot password is attempted for my login ID (defaulted "ON")
  • Alert me when the forgot password process is attempted unsuccessfully
  • Alert me when my user profile is updated
  • Alert me when a new user is created (for Business Online Banking only)
  • Alert me when a recipient is added (for Business Online Banking only)
  • Alert me when my security alert preferences are changed (defaulted "ON")
  • Alert me when my secure delivery contact information is changed
  • Alert me when a valid challenge code is presented
  • Alert me when an invalid challenge code is presented
  • Alert me when my challenge code is changed