Information regarding Assistance for Homeowners in Default

Dear Consumer,

Are you having difficulty making payments to Heritage Oaks Bank on your Home Equity Loan?

Call 1-800-795-2524 to speak with a Loan Counselor. You may also contact us by sending a message through our website.

Before you call, please have the following items ready:

  • Your loan number
  • Your full name, SSN and other identifying information
  • A list of your regular monthly debt payments– who you owe money to and how much your payment is
  • A copy of your (and your co-borrowers if applicable) most recent pay stub or other evidence of your regular take home earnings
  • A list of other regular income you or your co-borrower receive such as social security, disability, unemployment benefits, rental income, etc.
  • A description of any other financial obligations you may have which are contributing to your payment difficulty
  • If your home is currently listed for sale, a copy of your listing agreement with your real estate broker

For more information on how to avoid foreclosure, please click on the following websites:

Department of Housing and Hurban Development (HUD)

California Department of Housing and Community Development

We will be happy to discuss your financial situation with you and explore options to help you keep from losing your home.