Fraud Alerts

Beware of Calls From Scammers Posing as Microsoft Employees - 11/27/13

Some of our customers have reported phone calls from people claiming to be Microsoft representatives who say they need to obtain remote computer access to scan the customers’ computers for viruses. This is a scam intended to trick you into revealing confidential financial information. You should never grant permission for an unsolicited request for remote access to your computer.


In this scam, the fraudulent caller claims that because the customer visited websites that have been corrupted or contain malware, their computer has been compromised, and Microsoft has to perform a remote virus scan. The caller then asks the customer to allow a remote computer access request to scan for viruses and solve the problem.


This is a fraudulent scheme that attempts to gain your confidential information and compromise your accounts. No legitimate business, including Microsoft, calls computer owners on an unsolicited basis to perform virus scans. Never share your personal identifying or account information unless you have initiated the contact and are sure you are dealing with the appropriate company. Moreover, do not ever allow someone to remotely access your computer unless you have initiated the request.


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