Fraud Alerts

Customer Alert - Fradulent Text Messages - 11/5/2013

Some of our customers have reported receiving text messages which appear to have been sent by Heritage Oaks Bank requesting personal and account information for verification. These are fraudulent messages designed to gain your confidential information and compromise your accounts. Heritage Oaks Bank will never ask for sensitive information unless you have first contacted us for assistance, or through an insecure channel such as ordinary e-mail or a SMS text message. Please be wary of this and similar scams. Never share your personal identifying or account information unless you have initiated the contact and are sure you are dealing with bank personnel. Our first priority is protecting your accounts and you may contact us at any time if you receive a communication that appears suspicious.

If you have questions or think you may be a victim, please contact our Services Solutions department at 805.369.5200, option 4.




805-369-5200, option 4