Fraud alerts

At Heritage Oaks Bank, the online safety of our customers is an important priority. On this page, you'll find special online safety alerts of interest to Heritage Oaks Bank customers. The FDIC also provides general alerts to consumers.

Recent Alerts:

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Important message for eBay users - 5/27/14 - eBay is asking all users of their site to change their password because of a cyber-attack that compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data.

Heartbleed Website Security Vulnerability - 4/10/2014 - Heritage Oaks Bank protects our customers’ confidential information using industry-standard processes and technologies. In recent news stories you may have heard of a flaw called “Heartbleed” in a common Internet security protocol known as Open SSL.

Update: Card Compromise at Target Stores - 1/13/2014 - On Friday, January 1, 2014, additional details on the data breach at Target stores were reported which included the confirmation that Target’s massive database of information was also compromised

Beware of Calls From Scammers Posing as Microsoft Employees - 11/27/13 - In this scam, the fraudulent caller claims that because the customer visited websites that have been corrupted or contain malware, their computer has been compromised, and Microsoft has to perform a remote virus scan. The caller then asks the customer to allow a remote computer access request to scan for viruses and solve the problem.