Fraud alerts

At Heritage Oaks Bank, the online safety of our customers is an important priority. On this page, you'll find special online safety alerts of interest to Heritage Oaks Bank customers. The FDIC also provides general alerts to consumers.

Recent Alerts:

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Potential Hurricane Matthew Phishing Scams - 10/11/2016 - The Department of Homeland Security is warning Americans to be aware of malicious cyber activity seeking to capitalize on interest in Hurricane Matthew.

Customer Alert: Phone Scams Claiming to be IRS - 11/27/15 - The IRS continues to warn consumers to guard against scam phone calls from thieves intent on stealing their money or their identity

Customer Alert: Top 10 Holiday Scams - 11/23/15 - Top online scams to keep your eye out for this holiday season

Phishing Scam on Amazon Users - 09/22/15 - Cyber criminals are attacking Amazon users with a phishing campaign that falsely claims a small number of accounts have been hacked.

Scammers Taking Advantage of Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade - 8/6/15 - Microsoft is in the process of releasing their new Windows 10 Operating System.

Android Banking Trojan - 07/29/15 - Researchers have discovered a banking Trojan that specifically targets Android users

US ARMY: USAJOBS warns users of email phishing scam - 07/29/15 - If you receive an email from USAJOBS asking you to revalidate your username and password, DON’T!

Grandparent Scam Takes New Twist - 07/24/15 - Fraudsters target seniors with a new variation of the grandparent scam.

Pindrop Security - Misdial Trap Phone Scam - 10/18/2014 -

Home Depot Card Compromise - 9/9/14 - We want to make you aware of a confirmed data breach being reported by The Home Depot.