FDIC alert bulletins

Recognize common tactics used to obtain your information, and learn the steps you can take to help protect your account and personal information.


  • FDIC Special Alert, Summer 2006 (PDF) - Describes e-mails to financial institution customers that fraudulently claim to be from the FDIC attempt to obtain highly sensitive personal information, including bank account information. These e-mails falsely indicate that FDIC deposit insurance is suspended until the requested customer information is provided.
  • Fiscal Fitness for Older Americans, Fall 2005 (PDF) - Read about how you can stretch your savings, shape up your financial strategies, and avoid frauds that target the elderly.
  • HOB News Alert, Summer 2005 (PDF) - Most cases of counterfeit fraud involve skimming, a process where the genuine data on a card's magnetic stripe is electronically copied onto another card, without the legitimate cardholder's knowledge. Learn how to protect yourself from criminals who try to steal your credit card.
  • You Can Fight Identity Theft, Spring 2004 (PDF) - Internet pirates are trying to steal your personal information. The good news: you have the power to stop them.
  • HOB News Alert, Summer 2004 (PDF) - Don't get "reeled in" by phishing. Learn how to avoid common Internet and telephone scams.
  • Don't Be an On-Line Victim: How to Guard Against Internet Thieves and Electronic Scams, January 2006 (off-site link) - The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has released an on-line multimedia education tool that consumers can use to learn how to better protect their computers and personal information from identity thieves.