Wire Transfer Services

Send money here, there or anywhere!

With Wire Services from Heritage Oaks Bank, you can move money quickly and securely to any bank in the United States or abroad, either in the branch or right from your computer1. Whether you need to move funds for a brokerage purchase, electronic payment, drawdown or any other transaction, you can rely on Heritage Oaks Bank to get it there.

Account Features:

  • Low Fees! View current wire transfer fees
  • Transfer funds in a foreign currency
  • Create Wire Transfers through our online banking system with no extra fees!
  • All you need is the routing number, bank address, account number, and the beneficiary name.


  • Afternoon cut off time (12:30 p.m.) for in branch wire transfers.
  • Have a lot of wires to initiate? Frequent Wire Transfer customers sign an agreement with us and can call in, fax or e-mail your wire transfer request. We will assign you a personal pin number that coordinates only to your information for wire transactions. No going in to the branch or spending a lot of time setting up the transfer. We will keep your wire information for you.

Combine the strength of Heritage Oaks Bank with the ease of sending money anywhere you want the money to go. For more information about Heritage Oaks Bank Wire Transfer Services contact wires@hertiageoaksbank.com. It couldn't be easier and it will open up a whole world of freedom for your business.

Expect quick and reliable wire transfers. Expect more with Heritage Oaks Bank.
  • 1 By supplying your personal ID number with your wire transfer request.