Free business bill pay

Pay bills online quickly and safely. No checks, no stamps, no hassle.

Designed with business owners in mind, Business Bill Pay will save you time and keep your bill payment process better organized. Sign-up and access Business Bill Pay from with your Heritage Oaks Bank Online Banking.


Account Features:

  • Pay your bills when you want - on payday, near the due date, or whenever you choose
  • Add any person or company as a payee and make payments to them at your convenience. If they don't accept electronic payments, we will print and mail a check on your behalf. From your phone bill to the local lawn care service, Business Bill Pay has you covered
  • Set up recurring payments so your regular payments are automatically paid when you want. You choose the frequency and the amount
  • Schedule your bill payments in advance - simply date your payment for the day you want your payment to be sent, up to a year in advance
  • Track your payment history - see who you paid, the date and the amount


  • Add and assign authority levels for additional employees2
  • Provide greater control of payment timing, maximizing cash usage
  • Add invoice details to your electronic payment, including invoice numbers, or applicable discounts
  • Detail and summary information available online at your convenience, including transaction status and payment history
  • Save time by setting up each payee only once; allows for automating recurring  payments
  • Eliminate expense and hassle of reconciling checks
  • Receive electronic bills presented from many major vendors
  • Next-day processing for more than half of the payments
  • 1 Bill Pay profiles with no payments in three months will be terminated.
  • 2 Small Business Bill Pay allows our business client access to all of the same benefits and features as the Cosnumer Bill Pay product, but with one added feature; the ability to add and assign authority levels for additional employees. This means that a business owner could go into the Bill Pay program and create their employee(s) as a user who can then create new billers, pay bills, review paid bill history, etc. The business owner has the ability to manage this user in the Bill Pay system, giving them different authority levels depending on what they want for them to have access to.