Direct Deposit & Direct Payment

Make and receive payments without checks

Whether your business needs direct deposit for employees or more reliable customer billing, Heritage Oaks Bank has the solution. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination1 puts you in control of your money. With ACH, you can move money, pay employees and collect bills electronically, all with a few keystrokes.

Account Features:

  • Issue credits, issue debits or do both depending on your individual business needs.
  • Secure web-based software allows you to process deposits and payments when it's most convenient for you.
  • Save both time and money compared to processing with paper checks. Just $18.00 per month and $0.07 per transaction fee2.
  • One day turn-around. Deposits and payments are effective the next business day3.
  • Once approved, a Heritage Oaks Bank representative will be there for you throughout the set-up process.

Direct Deposit:

  • Process employee payroll, expense reimbursements, tax refunds, pensions, dividends and bonuses easily and more affordably than paper checks.
  • Increased benefits for employees - no trips to cash or deposit payroll checks, quicker access to funds and increased confidentiality. Eliminate problems with lost or stolen checks.
  • Pay employees on vacation or out due to illness.

Direct Payment:

  • Process customer billing with direct payment and speed up collection of funds. Plus, direct payment eliminates floats for outstanding checks and check reconciliation hassles.
  • Make state and federal tax payments.
  • Collect reoccuring payments without the reoccuring efforts.
  • Gain immediate access to funds the day the money is due.
  • Charitable organizations can save administrative costs by collecting pledges electronically. 

Combine the strength of Heritage Oaks Bank with the ease of managing your finances at your convenience. Find out if ACH is right for your business by contacting us at 805.369.5200, option 4 or

  • 1 Direct Deposit and Direct Payments (ACH Origination) require Account Analysis.
  • 2 Additional costs include $2.00 per returned item and $1.00 per Notice of Change (NOC).
  • 3 ACH files must be received by 12:00 p.m. in order to be effective the next business day.