Starting a new business?

Application Checklist:

Financial Information:

  1. 3-years Federal Personal and Business Tax Returns, including all schedules (state returns are not necessary)
  2. Personal Financial Statement, SBA Form 413 (PDF)
  3. Month-to-Month Business Cash Flow (Excel)

Additional Items for a Business Start-Up:

     Business Plan. The Business Plan must minimally touch upon the following key objectives:

  1. Description of the product and/or service.
  2. Outline of the total project (i.e. Summary of the total amount in $ in conjunction with the use of the $’s to complete your business project. In addition, this must include a breakdown of the source of funds, Business Owner’s Cash Injection $ amount and where the monies were derived along with the proposed loan request and any other applicable source(s) of monies.
  3. Market Analysis (i.e. the overall market, changes in the market, market segments, target market and customers, customer characteristics, customer needs, customer buying decisions).
  4. Competition Analysis (i.e. Industry overview, nature of competition, primary competitors, competitive products / services, opportunities, threats and risks).
  5. Operations Strategy (i.e. Key personnel, organizational structure and management team).
  6. Owner’s Resume
  7. Key man Resume Information (i.e. key management / officer personnel that are viable to the business’ successful operation / longevity).
  8. Business Succession Plan

Return your documents and forms in the method most convenient for you:

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  • Regular Mail - 1035 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, attention: SBA Department
  • Drop Off at any Branch - We're in your neighborhood, please feel free to bring your information to any of our branch locations and request that your package be delivered to the SBA Department at the Santa Barbara office.
  • Email - Please remember to password protect your confidential and valuable information.
  • Fax - (805)967.3610 , Attention SBA Department. If you choose to fax your confidential and valuable information, we prefer if you do so during our office hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.