Mission Community Bank is now Heritage Oaks Bank.

While we are fully merging our systems, which is scheduled to be completed this summer, please continue to access your Mission eBanking and Business eBanking online banking services at Mission Community Bank's website or by clicking below


When you are ready to reorder checks on your Mission Community Bank accounts, please click below.


Website Security

Heritage Oaks Bank protects our customers’ confidential information using industry-standard processes and technologies. In recent news stories you may have heard of a flaw called “Heartbleed” in a common Internet security protocol known as Open SSL. We are pleased to announce that a scan of our websites determined that we do not have the Heartbleed security vulnerability. We’d like to remind you that you should not use the same username and password for multiple Internet accounts. Other commonly used Internet sites have reported that they are vulnerable to the Heartbleed Open SSL bug. If you are using the same username and password for many different websites, we suggest you change your online banking password.